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Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

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Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

Hello everyone!

I'm relatively new to the forums and have spent many an hour reading up on lots of great info.  Here's my quick story.


Bankruptcy was discharged in April 2011 so I have about two year before it falls off.

Capital One Secured in July 2012 for $300 CL.  Auto increase a few months later to $500 and finally $2250 CL in 2015.  I tried for CLI every year since then but was denied even having it as the only credit card.  $0.00 balance for the most part with the highest shown at $500.  Card was upgraded to Quicksilver One, though.


June 2018 got a Capital One car loan at a high interest rate but I needed a vehicle and the car I had since the bankruptcy was about to go.


Then I found the forums Smiley Happy

After checking for Amex Prequal for over 2 years, I finally saw them December of 2018.  Approved for Amex Everyday and Amex Simply Cash Plus Business.  Obviously I was very happy about that.


BoA Cash Rewards denied March 2019 and Discover Card It Cash approval in March 2019.  Current scores TU 686 EQ 722 and EX 687.  $0 balance on all accounts, no lates and car on auto-pay.


Any suggestions for the next card?  I'm planning on applying June 2019 when my car loan reaches one year payments.  Would like a personal card and business card and I'm thinking of waiting to see if the Amex Green gets updated.  Chase isn't looking very hopeful since I've heard they're harder to get post bankruptcy than BoA.


I don't much air travel and every hotel stay in the past 5 years was always comp'd. 





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Re: Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

What sort of rewards are you looking for? CB? Points? Miles? And what would be the general expense that'll go on the new card? Personally, I would wait since you did add 2 new cards and with your scores being borderline, I would go slow.

Also - if you have a zero balance, you're taking a hit for not reporting a balance. Let one account report and then make the payment on the due date. That should help gain you back some points if your total UTI is 0.

Scores - All bureaus 770 +
TCL - Est. $410K
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Re: Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

Sounds like your in decent shape right now. I would wait until the bankruptcy falls off and continue to research different cards in the meantime. Amex may have updated the green card by then and you might be more attractive to chase. Good luck!

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Re: Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

I'm no expert (yet! Smiley Wink), but it looks like you should let your accounts grow a bit and make your payments on time.  It just takes time to get the baddies off your record (we also have a BK7 from the Great Recession), and to let the small steps to recovery grow and benefit you later.


If you still have the Cap1 QS One, then you might want to try the link below to see if you have any PC's available to a card without an annual fee.  You might have the no AF version of QS and possibly one of the Venture cards (try to stay with the no AF version if you can). 



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Re: Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

well, before we can suggest any other cards/lenders, we need to know who you burned in your BK.

Also, letting all your cards report a zero balance is not the right thing to do. FICO can't score you on revolving if there's no data to score.

The correct thing to do is, now that you have more cards.....let all your cards report a zero balance EXCEPT for one card. Let that one card report less than 9%....all the other cards zero.

Thats ultimate fico scoring on revolving.

So, list out the lenders you burned in BK and we can go from there.


Also, your Amex Simply cash wont report to personal unless you default, so you currently have 3 cc that report to personal...cap one, amex, discover. 

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Re: Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

Welcome, @DoogieBall. Smiley Happy


As others have said, definitely report a small balance on one card. Make sure it's at least $5 so the lender won't forgive the balance and report zero.


What are the limits on your current cards? Does the AMEX business card show up on your personal report?


Given its age, you definitely want to do what you can to preserve your Capital One card. Try the link above to see if it produces an upgrade offer to a card that doesn't have an annual fee. If you see nothing, call in or chat and ask.


If an upgrade isn't available now, make sure you're using the QS1 each and every month. During that time, check for upgrade offers each month. QS1s are notoriously hard to upgrade to no-fee cards. But a handful of datapoints here suggest that consecutive months of usage may be the key to getting an upgrade offer. I was able to PC two QS1s after 12 or 13 consecutive months of usage.

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Re: Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

Thanks for the replies, everyone.


All the burns were:

BMW Finance for defaulting on a car loan

Sears Mastercard - Jeez remember them?  Lol

Citibank Visa

Total about $20k filed.  Had also lost a job a year previous and was living off savings.


The Amex Simply Cash doesn't show up on my personal report.


I'll aim to keep one account reporting under 9% and see how that works for a few months or until the end of the year.  Discover $1500 CL, Amex Everyday $5k and CapOne QC1 $2250.  Currently trying to build as an audio/sound engineer and video consultant with two steady organizations so that's where most of my spend will be allocated.  Equipment upgrades, upkeep or replacement mainly.


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Re: Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

I gearing toward a Hotel card on the business side of things.  I've done some work out of state the past couple years.  I live in NJ and had a few jobs in PA.  Multi-day or weekend work but those hotel stays were comp'd.  I'd like to start getting into the miles thing on the chance that some opportunities present themselves further away. 


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Re: Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

Thanks for the link.  There was nothing showing up as an upgrade today, but I'll check it regularly as I did with Amex.  Maybe there's a Savor in my future.  Who knows?


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Re: Credit Card suggestions 8 years post bankruptcy

It looks like you have a lot of options. Your limits are good, and you don't have a pile of new accounts to get in your way. My only caution is that your newest accounts may be a little too new. June may be OK for an app, but another couple of months of gardening wouldn't hurt.


The main thing to know is how bankruptcy-friendly each bank is. Chase isn't bankruptcy-friendly at all. Don't even bother with them until the bankruptcy is off of your report.


Capital One isn't offering Savor/SavorOne PCs right now, but I woudn't expect that to last forever. When Savor PCs were offered previously, they didn't appear via the link. You had to call in or chat to know if you had an offer available.


In your case, you'd want to take any offer that's available just to lose the fee. If you have an offer for the VentureOne and would prefer a Quicksilver, take the VentureOne offer rather than waiting it out for something "better." Once you've escaped the fee, offers to PC to other no-fee cards should appear down the road. There'll be no offers at all for at least six months, but sometime after that, they should start to appear.

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