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Credit Cards Secondary Car Insurances?

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Re: Credit Cards Secondary Car Insurances?

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I am guessing that the policy document (for the credit card's secondary insurance) will have a section that addresses the situation of no primary insurance.


I don't trust the credit cards enough to rely exclusively upon them.  If I were to sell my car and get rid of my auto policy, I would be sure to buy some kind of policy to cover car rentals.

I live in CA and can get Amex primary coverage at a very reasonable price. I do not rent cars often, so a per-rental fee of $15.95 (or $17.95 for higher limits) is better than my paying a separate AF to Chase. FL resident rates are even lower. Elsewhere people will pay $19.95 or $24.95.


A while back there was some small CU that was a FOTM card. Many people got excited about the idea of primary coverage with no AF.



1. No one could locate the benefit guide with the actual details.

2. The CU required paper applications to get the card. That hardly suggests they would handle benefit claims efficiently.

Does Amex Premium Car Insurance cover "loss of use"?

It appears to.


"Damage and Theft Benefit

If Damage to or Theft of the Rental Car occurs,

the Plan will reimburse the Cardmember up to a

maximum of [$75,000, $100,000] for the following

payments the Cardmember is required to make:

  1. up to the lesser of:
  2. the actual cost to repair Damage to the

Rental Car; or

  1. the wholesale monetary worth of the

Rental Car at the time of Damage or

Theft as stated in an authority commonly

used to determine such worth, or book

value, minus salvage and depreciation

costs; or

  1. the invoice purchase price of the Rental

Car, minus salvage and depreciation

costs; and

  1. Loss of Use; and
  2. charges related to the Rental Car subsequent

to the Accident, such as expenses for towing

and storage, which are charged by the

nearest vendor or facility capable of rendering

assistance and which are the usual and

customary charges in the locale where the

Accident occurred."

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