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Credit Cards for Mechanics/Service?!

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Re: Credit Cards for Mechanics/Service?!

I have Synchrony Car Care credit card. No rewards, but 0% financing for 6 months on charges over $199 (or something like that). APR is high so I suggest PIF when you can...or by end of financing period.
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Re: Credit Cards for Mechanics/Service?!

It's more or so for those high surprise mechanical issues that I would need the 6 month plan for if it's something 100 or 200 or less of course I wouldn't need one but if ever I needed a 4k service or something I would like to have a card I can use specifically for that that would possibly do bonuses or credits or something.     I know I could use my other cards but I do know some cards offer specific rewards and bonuses so I was wondering if there was a Car card that would reward with like oil changes or points or autozone coupons or something ROFL.      But the Synchrony Card doesn't sound like a bad plan I have heard good things so far about them.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Credit Cards for Mechanics/Service?!

@Girlzilla88  I hope you find the card that will suit your needs but I have to ask because of your "other" thread describing maxing out your cards on purpose...where is your utilization on the cards you have right now? 


If it' still high, I am not sure you'd be approved and if you are, i'm even more unsure the SL on it will be sufficient to cover whatever work is needed on your car. 

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Re: Credit Cards for Mechanics/Service?!

My utilization is still higher but I'm not looking to apply for this card until my gardening is up no worries Smiley Very Happy     Thank you for the concern I just like to do my homework well in advance now since I have a better idea on Credit.   :3

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