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Credit Karma Inquiry number question.

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Re: Credit Karma Inquiry number question.

I'm going to guess x =25. My math teachers would be so proud!

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Re: Credit Karma Inquiry number question.

starry1 wrote:
I'm going to guess x =25. My math teachers would be so proud!

It actually depends on how the rest of your report looks. I have 10 or so real hard inquiries on my TransUnion report, and CreditKarma previously showed them all, but the number has been gradually decreasing. Now it only shows 1 hard inquiry, even though my official report still shows all 10.


It's just a software issue though. Lenders can still see them.

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Re: Credit Karma Inquiry number question.

ilovelisa wrote:

ceemee2203 wrote:

If you've recently had an AA (and I guess that's a yes), you should just pull your credit report directly from EQ.

I haven't had any AA yet, but I'm thinking Barclay's will have something to say about the inquiries and new accounts in a couple months lol.

You haven't had AA, but you have been denied credit. Go to Equifax and pull directly from there to see what is on your reports right now and how long that report looks. That thing must really scare lenders because it looks like you need credit to live and that you are applying until someone gives it to you. 


And about your wish list, just consider this: if you had applied strategically from the start, you might already have every card on there. I hate to be harsh in a situation where you clearly get the need for you to stop applying. But you said that you just applied for another card this week. The realization needs to hit you that your behavior isn't normal and will continue to be frowned upon by lenders of all shapes and sizes for probably over a year. Please be strategic going forward, sit on your hands for the next year, and don't be too mad at me for being truthful.  Smiley Happy

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