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Credit Limit Increase- denied - questions?

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Credit Limit Increase- denied - questions?

Hello all!


I requested a CLI for my NFCU CC.  It was denied due to insufficient income to request the increase in the credit card.  I actually don't question their denial-- my credit is fine, but my DTI is not so great.  I actually just wanted the increase so that I could transfer a balance- otherwise I had no business requesting the increase.


BUT- my question is about the questions they asked when I made the request-

It asked for the Primary Cardholders income- so I just used my income and not DH's.

Then, was the question about Monthy Housing Payment- I gave our total mortgage, and I'm wondering if I should have done that.  Should I have included insurance and etc, which is included in our mortgage and should I have divided in half, since DH also provides income for rent?



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Re: Credit Limit Increase- denied - questions?

If just my income is in question and they ask about monthly housing costs, I don't tell them the full amount, I tell them the amount I am actually paying, currently it's about 50% of the total bill, and I don't include insurance or anything like that.


That may not have affected their decision but you never know, but I've done the same thing in the past, live and learn Smiley Happy

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Re: Credit Limit Increase- denied - questions?

I just ask whenever they head down that road. Do they want solely my financial info, both income and expenses, or the household figures? You'd think that they'd want consistent info.

Same thing about "housing payment" --is that PITI or just principal and interest?
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