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Credit One Bank credit card pre-qualification

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Re: Credit One Bank credit card pre-qualification

Creditaddict wrote:

If you have no score and no credit inq. to get new credit are not going to hurt you.

I would check pre-qual at Cap1 and if they offer you one take it... be careful you read the very top because it might say "sorry we don't have an offer for you BUT you may want to apply for" and then show you a card below and I think some see the card and think they have been pre-qual for it.

Also I might try Citi Forward.

If neither of those are approved I would look into Secured or a local credit union.

I don't think Chase would give you a card with no credit and they don't have secured.

Bank of America in the past has been the favorite go to secured card I think because it typically will unsecure in 9 months and people have reported CLI all the way to 5k after 9 months.

I tried to apply with capital one and it gave me the message "sorry we don't have an offer for you but you may want to apply for". I didn't continue and apply for that. Should I?


I did apply for a Citi Forward card and I received a message telling me that they will email me a response within a week. 


Does it make a difference with Chase that I bank with them? 

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Re: Credit One Bank credit card pre-qualification

If you search the credit one name on this forum, you will see PLENTY of nightmare stories. If you its a matter that you have limited credit history rather than "bad" items I would say take the lesser of two evils and apply for Capital One... the interest is pretty high, but they wont hit you with a bunch of ridiculous "made up" fees which these super sub-prime cards can do.... they have been known to give you a 200/300 credit line and by the time it hits your mailbox you already owe them pretty much your alotted line with their associated fees.... just my two cents....

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Re: Credit One Bank credit card pre-qualification

Yes, you should. I did this also but I also will tell you go to Open Sky Credit Card and apply for a secured card with them. I did the same thing although was turned down by others this one approved me and my score went up 70 pts first month. Trust me this is a good card and the annual fee is only $29. Easy to get approved with. I only sent in $200 and had card within 10 days. I am satisfied trust me. Their website to apply is Now, for the Credit One I have just got prequalified for them and am going to apply as I still need another card on my report to bring up my score so I am going to apply. They only do a soft pull to begin with so you will be ok. Only problem I see with them is fee is 75  and they say rates are also high but..??

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Re: Credit One Bank credit card pre-qualification

I just used it and was prequalified and they only do a soft pull to begin with so dont hurt score.

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