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Credit One Close Story

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Re: Credit One Close Story

@Anonymous wrote:

Hey, Bbyb, I was dead set on keeping my Credit One card for the whole 12 months, but closed it after 8 and haven't looked back. They are still sending me emails letting me know that I am missing out and need to come back. But have they changed my terms and fees? NO, they haven't! 


Just close it, you will not regret it! Smiley Happy



Everything and everyone matures.


When your profile begins to reach a point when more Prime Lenders are willing to welcome/approve you then you also learn to save on charges you won't need anymore and you can adjust the Look of your credit reports so that it becomes much more attractive to those prime lenders.


And don't worry, they won't lose any business if you move on. They have plenty of new customers always coming their way who are just begininng and can use a Credit One etc. to start their own journey. Smiley Happy


Good Luck

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