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Credit One Denied

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Re: Credit One Denied

That is exciting news I cancelled mine before the 1 year hit so I wouldn't be charged 8.95 a month on a $0 balance

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Re: Credit One Denied


As the above responses imply, avoid Credit One.  The denial was a gift from the credit gods Smiley LOL


Your DH should check into Capitol One (I fell for the logo clone thinking it WAS actually some part of Cap 1, who I don't have a problem with).


I kept them for just short of a year to see what their EX score was saying (it actually did match other input I got about EX), then closed them before the AF hit.

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Re: Credit One Denied

Credit One insists on sending me an offer every few months, I make sure to read through the paperwork associated and yeah, didn't like what I saw. Also, the fact that my mom had this card and she didn't like it.

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Re: Credit One Denied

+1  Go for bigger and better.  Maybe clean his report a little and age the good that's on there.  Good Luck!

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Re: Credit One Denied

Im surprised that Capital one hasnt sued Credit One for basically trying to "imitate" their logo and such...

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Re: Credit One Denied

It's never a good idea to have a credit card administered by a collections agency.  That card is one of the biggest rip-offs out there.

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