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Credit Union's Credit Cards vs Bank's Credit Cards?

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Re: Credit Union's Credit Cards vs Bank's Credit Cards?

I agree with everything that's been said.


I'm with a local CU, General Electric.  I have (2) auto loans with them on used vehicles for 4%.  They also gave me my lst biggish CC back in December for $3500 @8%..

They are the 2nd largest home mortgage lender in my with my current relationship with  them and plans to buy a house in a year, I should be sittng pretty good.


I'm also with DCU.  They gave me a $10k Visa @ 8.5% in January.  I bought a 2013 Harley Davidson last week thru H-D (Eaglemark bank) at a rate of 8%....I will be calling DCU to refinance in 90 days.

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Re: Credit Union's Credit Cards vs Bank's Credit Cards?

i agree with everything said so far i will just add if you are thinking about getting cc from your cu, inquire about their credit limit increase policy. i have one its a no frills card but its the lowest rate i have @ 13%  so if i want to carry a small bal its my goto card. however i just started rebuilding when i got it and low balled myself on the limit and only asked for 1200 because at the time that was my highest subprime limit- my credit union wouldn't take an app w/ out a desired limit and i didn't want to go too high and get denied. well they instantly approved me, however i later learned they don't do auto CLI's like the major banks often do, and any CLI request would def. be a hard pull. so until next yr my limit will remain at 1200 as i do not want any more hard pulls this yr.

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