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Credit Unions - Secured Credit Card

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Credit Unions - Secured Credit Card

So, I got approved for the Capital One secured card last week (in the mail) and just got membership in NavyFCU.  Will be getting their secured card once I have a deposit on file.  I'm thinking about getting a few more if possible also...


Does anyone know about the reputation of any of these CUs?  I searched around online and found that all of these CUs offer secured credit cards and based on their membership requirements I'd be able to gain access.  Please share your experience with these organizations.


Stanford FCU -

Digital FCU -

Cooperativa Latino CU -

Addison Avenue FCU -





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Re: Credit Unions - Secured Credit Card

Digital has been talked about favorably here in the past, although it's a less common CU. Addison Avenue has been very popular.


Unfortunately, I don't know about their secured cards.


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Nothing wrong with leaving it here, but there are a lot of regulars on the CC board who will talk your ears off give lots of helpful advice about various secured cards. Smiley Wink

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Re: Credit Unions - Secured Credit Card

And now, as if by magic, this post is now in the Credit Cards forum!
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Re: Credit Unions - Secured Credit Card

I have read many good things about Addison on this board when I was looking for a secured card.  My advice is to make sure whoever you pick reports to all 3 credit bureaus.  I had a secured card with a local CU and found out later they only reported to Experian.

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Re: Credit Unions - Secured Credit Card

Stanford CU has some unusual terms.    There is no fee and no grace period.   It makes the perfect sock drawer card.  


FYI, I don't have one, yet.

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