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Credit Unions that pull Experian

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Credit Unions that pull Experian

I would like to join 2-3 Credit Unions that only pull Experian for membership and credit card with the same inquiry.

So far I am planning to join Lockheed...I have considered Partners but after reading the horrible stories with people getting axed by them they are out.

I have looked into Affinity FCU but I don't know if I can join one of the organizations since I live in TN.

I considered State Dept FCU but after speaking to them I decided not to bother with them.

So please help me find a few more awesome Credit Unions that pull Experian and won't have an issue with me being out of state (TN)

Thank you in advance for your advice. Smiley Happy

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Re: Credit Unions that pull Experian

My credit union is Baxter's, located here in IL.  They pulled EX when I got my CLI but I'm not sure what's their policy for out of state applicants.  You can check out the website and see if it gives you any positive information.

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Re: Credit Unions that pull Experian

Patelco (as in Pacific Tel and Tel) used to be an Experian-puller. Don't know if they still do.

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Re: Credit Unions that pull Experian

Hey OP,  what was wrong with State Dept?  I was thinking of applying for them tomorrow!

Everyone seems to like them and their high Cl's

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Re: Credit Unions that pull Experian

I'll be looking into CU's that pull Experian as well. I'm in Illinois so I can look up Baxter.

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Re: Credit Unions that pull Experian

I joined Affinity fcu last month. They were very easy to deal with and I was able to get a visa reward card no problem. I was able to join because I was a Rutgers alumni, but anyone can join by donating like 10 bucks to one of the charities.  Call and speak with them if you like, their customer service is great.

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