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Credit card over the limit question

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Credit card over the limit question

I have a question about exactly how bad does going over the limit affect your score.

My mom has a first premier card which Im sure ya'll know - it comes to you with the balance already practically used up. Been paying it but she had a slew of Kaiser visits she had to do, and had to use the card... mindful of her limit, but there was a booboo somewhere because I logged in just now and it says she went over her limit by $2.51 (the booboo is forgetting they charge $7 a month service fee)


So...I tried searching this on the forum but everyones scenario is unique I couldnt figure out the exact answer... 


I know going over the limit dings her credit, however is it the same as having a high balance - where if you pay it down, the score will go back up? Or is it a permanent ding. I know it will permanently show on her record but I guess the question rephrased could be, high balance affects her score but her account is still positive/satisfactory. Will going over the limit affect that status and make it a negative/adverse or just affect her score.


Shes never been late, and being late is not an issue. Just saying that because I saw on a few responses to questions about over the limit - about being late and thats not my question. I set up her payments online and make sure its paid at least a week before her due date.


So question is only about going over the credit limit, and just how bad does it affect the scoring... 

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Re: Credit card over the limit question

Here is what Experian says:


Sounds like only a utilization hit, unless they report an overlimit status.    I assume if you paid it down before it closed, it would not be a problem. 

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