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Credit card use

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Credit card use

I paid off my credit cards back in December. My score went up. I haven't check my score since April. There were the 600 and low 700. For reason different things came and I started using them again. I think I'm almost close to my limits on them. I have 10 credit cards and 7 carry a balance. One of cards capital one I notice is over the limit because of the fees they charge me. What can I do? So I apply for a loan to buy them off? What kind of a loan can I get? My scores would of dropped because of the usages.
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Re: Credit card use


You have to be more specific-

What are the cards balances and limits

What are the interest rates

Who are the issuers

You really need a true FICO score to see where you stand

If you are able to join a credit union, you can probably get a debt consolidation loan to pay them all off at a fairly decent rate ~10%

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