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Credit cards, consolidation, scoring--looking for help!

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Re: Credit cards, consolidation, scoring--looking for help!

UTL is revolving balances/Credit line.
Like I said- Toss this into MS money as well before you pull the trigger.

knowlejboy wrote:
Thanks for all the help--sorry, don't completely understand what you mean by 10% utl? Sound like at least a partial consoldiation to get my debt to credit ratio below 30% and at least half my cards to zero would be a big help--is that right?

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Re: Bad debt on my fico

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Re: Credit cards, consolidation, scoring--looking for help!

I have a credit scores Experian 664, Transunion 643 and Equifax 620. I have qualified for a house and am in the application process. The mortgage company asked if there was anyway I could pay off 2 finance company loans. I am trying to determine if I should increase my personal signature loan through my bank to consolildate them and lower my monthly paymentd? My interest rate would be cheaper and my term would go to 18months with no increase in my current payment. I am not sure if doing this will drag my scores down. At first I thought I could put them on my credit cards but I just paid those off and have zero balances on each of them. I have available credit of $3300 between the 2 cards and the 2 personal loans would almost max out them out. My bank loan is currently $776.52. It orignally started out at 4800 and I pay $200 a month on it and only have a few months on it. Any advice would be helpful. 

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Re: Credit cards, consolidation, scoring--looking for help!

I can only warn you about BAC.......I had a large balance....$14,000.......I paid down $11,500......within a week, they stripped me of my line of credit.....barely enough

to match what I still owe........they do not have a good reputation for treating their long term customers very well.......

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