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Credit cards with airport lounge access?

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Re: Credit cards with airport lounge access?

CreditScholar wrote:

MrShush wrote:
cdnewmanpac hit the nail on the head. The lounge is to escape from the pajama pant wearing, coffee toting, unaware, boneheads that roll out of bed and head to the airports! Sure you can hit a bar inside, but they are there too! It like Occupy the airport. Ive had enough of that. I dont fly frequently but when I do, I want so peace and free cocktails before im herded onto a flying bus.

That out of the way, AMEX Plat is still the best bet for lounge access and flexibility of lounges.

+1. This is exactly it. Airport lounges are wonderful because they keep plebs out.


When I fly in business/first I'm segregated from everyone else, but that's only on the plane. Airports are hectic enough as it is, and being able to distance yourself from the chaos outside is what people want. After a 15 hour flight, I definitely don't want to deal with screaming kids and huge families all clogging space, having to watch where I walk because I might step on someone sleeping on the floor, etc.


Flying out of PHX in late August, there was no Sky Club in the departing terminal so DW and I found a bar. As we walked from the bar to the gate, there were no less than a dozen hipsters, shoes off, plugged in to the wall outlets, sleeping and flopped all over the joint. I couldn't help it but the words came out of my mouth: "this is why we sit in the lounges."


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