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Credit cards with no credit

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Re: Credit cards with no credit

daybreakgonesXe wrote:

As a former 18 year old who wanted to build credit ASAP, i HIGHLY recommend getting a student card! Either Capital One Journey or a Discover Student Card is easy to get. For Capital One, you may actually have to put your actual income, so if you ever had a part time or full time job or have one lined up put in the estimated yearly income (if you have no idea, just put 10000). Discover isn't as specific in their "annual income" area, so sometimes you can get away with a household income. I have to say my brother and I both used our household incomes for applications that don't specifically ask for personal income, and never had to ever submit proof of income!


Best of luck and happy building Smiley Happy

Let's make sure we aren't encouraging lying on a credit card application, here.  Doing that is fraud, and you are taking your chances with the lender and the law.  Make sure anything you put on a credit card application you can prove if asked for verification.

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Re: Credit cards with no credit

Cap one journey or discover more students are the ones I recommend. If you don't get approved for that, open an account with wells Fargo and apply there for student card.

My income when I got my first cards was 10k. Good luck.

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Re: Credit cards with no credit

LMBO i was getting my hopes up, and yes lying about income could possibly close my doors with three locks not allowing me to open any credit hahha. I guess I should wait until my parents lower their debt and then do a joint with a credit card. This will happen very soon Smiley Happy Thank you all for all your helpful advice and information. I will look into it if things do go as planned.

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