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Credit cards with rental car benefits?

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Credit cards with rental car benefits?

I’m looking for a credit card that offers discounts on rental cars.

I have an AMEX everyday and AMEX blue every day. I also have an nRewards visa from Navy Federal. I’m not sure if any of these cards have those type of benefits.

My credit isn’t great but it’s ok. Thank you for the help!
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Re: Credit cards with rental car benefits?

Us Altitude Reserve, CSP/CSR all have prImary rental insurance I think.

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Re: Credit cards with rental car benefits?

Despite the plethora of brand names, rental companies have consolidated. Enterpise, Hertz, and Avis (and their affiliates) have well over 90% of the car rental market. There aren't a lot of different programs to compare.


Amex Platinum gives status perks and some discounts. Some people like the deals they can get through Costco.

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Re: Credit cards with rental car benefits?

I don't know of a credit card that offers "discounts" for car rental. You can get better point earnings when using cards such as the Citi ThankYou Premier. The CSR, CSP (if memory serves me right) and the Ritz-Carlton card offers Primary car insurance which in itself is a major discount as you don't have the take the expensive insurance from the car rental company or use that of your own.

Outside of the Amex Platinum offering some perks you're probably better off looking into something like AAA as I believe they tend to offer 10-20% discounts on car rentals depending on which agency you choose to rent with.
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Re: Credit cards with rental car benefits?

I may be confusing what I read but I think Amex Gold also offers rental car insurance if you pay the full rental using the card.

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Re: Credit cards with rental car benefits?

All AmEx credit and charge cards have a "Premium Car Rental Protection" plan you can opt into. It's primary rental car insurance at a flat rate per rental. I believe that rate varies by state, but it's generally quite a bit less expensive than buying it through the rental car company, especially on longer rentals. Depending on how many car rentals you're making in a given year, it may be cheaper to activate that on one of your existing AmEx cards rather than picking up a new card with an annual fee.

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Re: Credit cards with rental car benefits?

Amex Gold has secondary rental insurance... The claim has to go through your own insurance first. Therefore, if you have collision coverage on your own insurance (you'd be surprised the amount of people that do not) it'd pay out it's limits first before kicking over to Amex. If you do not have collision, I believe (I've never had to use so not positive) you'd still submit to your insurance, get the denial, kick that to Amex, and then Amex would pay.

Edit - post above me sounds like you can opt in to primary for a price upon renting as well. Personally, I'd do that rather than rely on the built in secondary which could be a headache.
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Re: Credit cards with rental car benefits?

If you want to go with the American Express Premium Car Rental Protection you must enroll your card prior to the rental.  The fee is charged to your enrolled card automatically (per rental, not per day).


More info:

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Re: Credit cards with rental car benefits?

It sounds like the OP isn't looking for recommendations for cards that offer primary or secondary auto insurance, (s)he is looking for a credit card that provides car rental discounts/discount codes.


If you're eligible to join Union Plus their credit card gets I believe 25% off the standard rate at several of the unionized national car rental agencies.

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