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Credit limit dates

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Credit limit dates

Does an underwriter can tell when you had cli? Let's just say on my NFCU's card, I got an increased of $2,000 today for example.

My limit was $1,000 so now, it's $3,000.


So, my question is will they know my new $3,000 limit just happened a few days ago? Or will it

show on my credit report my limit and date opened meaning by looking at my report, they will see my card was opened last year with a $3,000 limit?




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Re: Credit limit dates

It will show on your CR.


It will be like this:

Between xx and yy, your credit limit / high balance was $xxxx

between yy and zz, your credit limit / high balance was $xxxx



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Re: Credit limit dates

When looking at Experian or TransUnion, it shows the dates that the credit limit changed. Like, 'From January 2013 to June 2013 the credit limit was 1000. Equifax does not appear to have this information, at least not on their website.

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Re: Credit limit dates

if you look at your credit reports at least EX and EQ list credit limits over time. But most likely only a manual review would notice.



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Re: Credit limit dates

CSR's pretty much have access to CLI history and when the last one was asked for.

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