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Credit line transfer from freedom to new slate

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Credit line transfer from freedom to new slate

Hi, I have been in a dillema and looking for some suggestion. 

Have a credit score of 750's mark according to credit karma with 15% utilization and 3 years history. So my 0% apr for amex with a balalce of 10k is coming to an end and am looking a balance transfer card with 0% promo apr and $0 fee which narrows down to chase slate and BOA balance transfer cards. Can someone suggest me will I be able to do the following. 


1) I apply for slate and get atleast 10K limit and do the transfer from slate. But is an initial limit of 10K possible for slate? And if not, I have a freedom with 5k limit. So assuming I get 6k limit in slate, will I be able to transfer 4k of my credit line from freedom to my new slate to make it total 10k and still be able to get the 0% apr $0 fee on the whole 10k balance transfer to amex?


2) Comparatively how are the credit limits on BOA and Chase? I mean is someone more lenient on giving higher Credit limits? Have a 3.5k BOA cash rewards card as well but I rarely use it. 


Thank you for the suggestion. Really appreciate it. 

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Re: Credit line transfer from freedom to new slate

First, Credit Karma are FAKO scores. You'd be better off relying on your true FICO scores here.


Second, as far as I know Chase has no problem approving high CLs on the Slate card. Also, Chase makes it very easy to move credit lines among your cards. It only takes about two minutes with a CSR once you're approved for the cards.


Good luck!

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Re: Credit line transfer from freedom to new slate

Hi, I know its possiblt to move credit between accounts but what I would like to know is if it is possiblt to do the credit transfer and still get 0% promo apr and $0 transfer fee

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Re: Credit line transfer from freedom to new slate

Welcome to thre forums.  Yes, as long as you do the transfer during the promo period, you can move the credit line over first.  YMMV on Slate starting lines.  Mine was a low $3500, but I moved over $6k or so from my CSP and did the transfer.  BoA has been far more generous to me than Chase, and you can always ask for an astronomical CLI which is now a SP.

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Re: Credit line transfer from freedom to new slate



  1. I would suggest that if you don't get the SL you hoped for on the Slate, first call Chase's recon line and try to get it increased. After that, think about moving part of a CL over from another card. 
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