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Credit means never having to say you're sorry."


Credit means never having to say you're sorry."

In  March 2003 I had outstanding balance's and lates, with both American Express -10,000 and Discover 6000. I  eventually  paid both  CC's in full, American Express in June of 2003 and Discover in April of 2005. 


That said, in 2006 I checked my credit report and discovered that American Express was showing up as derogatory ..... Long story- short, I contacted American Express and they deleted my negative information, that was in march of 2006.    I aIso received a letter form Discover in June of 2007 stating that they had removed my negative information. My question is: What are my chances of getting an American Express Gold Card?


Equifax 705 TU 719  My last EX 743

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Re: Credit means never having to say you're sorry."

Just because it's no longer on your reports, that doesn't mean that AmEx doesn't still have it on their records. AmEx very, very rarely forgets.

That being said, since you did (apparently) pay your entire bill eventually, they might be willing to give you a Gold card. They've really been pushing their fee (charge) cards, so that they can get some quick revenue, I suppose. But they're awfully squirrelly these days.
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