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Hello, I have been a lurker on this forum for about 4 weeks now and everyone has been very informative.  For 4 weeks I have been able to raise my score approximately 60 points on my TU and EX reports!  My credit reports are ugly and I am trying to repair and rebuild one step at a time! My scores are below and I believe the boost came from getting both the CJ and FP cc's earlier this month.  I applied for the CreditOne cc but for over a week now it says it is "still processing."  Does this mean I was denied?  Please help!!!


4/28/09:  TU-499; EQ-539; EX (Vantage)-561

5/14/09: TU-552; EQ-539; EX (Vantage)- 628

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Re: CreditOne

Not necessarily.Just give them a call to see if there is any additional info they may need.And they will probally tell you if it was approved or denied.
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Re: CreditOne

It took me about a month to get my card. I learned, from this forum, that they are very, very slow. Like the other poster said, call them, they may need more info.
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