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Curious - what is AMEX criteria for being approved?


Re: Curious - what is AMEX criteria for being approved?

Gunnar419 wrote:

HiLine wrote:

A clean record with 6 months + of credit history, in addition to decent income and non-excessive credit limits and balances, is a sufficient condition. Smiley Wink


And really you don't even need the decent income. Mine isn't what most people around here would consider decent and I got instantly approved. Low limit ($2k), but approved. Seems to me I also recall a few others reporting being approved for Amex, and even BCE, with incomes in the $20k range.



Agreed. I personally know someone that obtained an SPG while being a college student too. Smiley Happy


Congrats btw! Smiley Happy

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Re: Curious - what is AMEX criteria for being approved?

Just too add to the convo. 


i was approved for my zync in aug( didnt send score since its a charge card) 

i had about 8 inq's on each report 7 of them being less then 1-3 months old (they tripple pulled me) 

at that point it was like 11% util 

this was before i really started watching my credit, and half of my new cards didnt report yet. aaoa was around a year 



fast forward too jan, i jokingly apped for bce, thinking if denied soft, if i got it, i got the backdating, anyway

aaoa: was about 11 months, util is 20%(christmas shopping etc)  no inquries since zync. score provided was 726 on ex 

no derogs. 


was denied for high inq's, loan balance too amount( took out a car loan in august) and time with amex too short (5 months) 

oh well it was worth the app. 


thinking if i should jokingly reapply now, before a balance reports. but i dont want too step out of the garden if i got it. ughh choices choices. 

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Re: Curious - what is AMEX criteria for being approved?

I got approved with a 686 and 16% util for the BSP .
I've been a member since 10/12. The reasons they gave for low score are derog public record (state tax liens 5), length of time accounts established(2.9 yes), too many inquiries last 12 months(7 , 9 total) and my balances too high. Approved for 3000.
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Re: Curious - what is AMEX criteria for being approved?

Try the Gold Delta Skymiles American Express card....I applied on April 1st, was approved via email on April 5th, was informed my CL at a minimum would be $4,500 but when I registered my account online, the CL was shown as $6,000. At the time I applied, my utilization was 28%, no negatives, no late payments, 15 year credit history, 2 open auto loans, and annual salary at $110,000. FICO scores were 680 and 672. 

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