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Current Progress and Loans Achieved.

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Current Progress and Loans Achieved.

Hi Guys, I am still here lol. Been really bust lately. Wanted to let you know my current scores.
It is my wife and I's 10th anniversary coming up and I applied with kay jewelers to see what would happen. Current EQ score 591 and they approved me for $3,000CL
Then my wife said hey for that kind of money I can get a motorcycle so I applied with
local credit union and they approved me for a harley 1200low for about 10k. My wife is estatic but the interest is not loving me with 16.9 which is crazy for a CU but I want to make my wife happy. My local bank nat city thinks they can do better so they pulled my TU today of 592 and I will know by tommorrow. But even with crazy interests it is nice to hear your approved.
Just need a baddie to fall off in oct and get my loc's paid down and I will be in 700....
10/11/2017 EQ 640 TU 639 EX 652 12/10/2016 EQ 621 TU 607 EX 626 10/10/16 EQ566 TU591 EX 587
01/31/2008 EX 502 EQ 466 TU 481
3/14/2008 EX 578 EQ 539 TU 543
4/16/2008 EX 622 EQ 532 TU 578
5/19/2008 EX 604 EQ 591 TU 592
1/1/2009 EQ 625 EX 576 TU 569
02/13/2009 EQ 648 EX 617 TU 590
09/28/2009 EQ 568 TU 591
Thanks to all Fico supporters for your encouragement and advice
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Re: Current Progress and Loans Achieved.

Smiley Happyfeels really good..
GOAL FOR 2010 Paying Down Debt .........653 EQ 685TU EXP???
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