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DCU -- Denied! Help!!!

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DCU -- Denied! Help!!!

I just received my denial letter from them. It says something about the "remote validation has failed to provide them with required level of positive authentication." So, I must have failed the "4 questions" validation test.



Now, what should I do? Try again, and hopefully they will provide different questions?? Anybody has any experience with this??

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Re: DCU -- Denied! Help!!!

That happened to a friend, he failed the questions. Someone had been using his SS# in another county and he didnt know. His answers didnt match theirs. Might look into that. 

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Re: DCU -- Denied! Help!!!

Sorry to hear that. From what I read, DCU either approves you or denies you. There are no recons for membership. You might try USAA or Penfed.
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