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DCU FICO is up!

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Re: DCU FICO is up!

Up 16 points to 708 so barely back in the 700 c.lub after the app spree.

Major CC's - Barclay's ($5.5K) | Barclay's Sallie Mae MC ($5K) | DCU ($7.5K) | Discover IT ($1.4K) | Genisys Visa ($1.4K) | NFCU Visa ($22K) | Navcheck ($15K) | Chase Freedom ($5K) | SDFCU Visa ($8K) | Amex BCP ($9.5K) | Amex Delta ($10K) |Store CC's| -Amazon ($4K) | Catherines ($850) | JCP ($4K) | Macy's ($1.7K) | Avenue ($850) | Victoria's Secret ($1.4K) | Walmart ($4.1K) | Paypal SC ($1.3K) | HSN ($2.5) | Sears ($2.6K) | Sams Club ($4.1K) |Goal|: Age with grace to 750 across the board |Last app|: 3/3/2014
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Re: DCU FICO is up!

Up 4 points from 652 to 656 Smiley Wink

EX 690 ( 6/14) | EQ 673 (DCU 6/14) | TU 705 (Walmart 7/14)

BofA BB Rewards 4000 | Walmart Discover 4000 | AMEX BCE 3400 | DCU Visa Platinum 3200 | Affinity Plus Visa Rewards 3000 | Capital One Cash Rewards 1500 | NTB Card 700

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Re: DCU FICO is up!

At 726, +1 from last month


Been stuck in the 725(min)-731(max) range ever since I signed up in January XD even with an AAoA of 2 years finally on my files, this score simply does not want to jump! XD


The 731 was a result of 2 out of 6 cards reporting a 1% balance...currently, two accounts are reporting $0. Waiting for everything to report and/or statement cut!

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Re: DCU FICO is up!

+32 to 728 woohoo

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Re: DCU FICO is up!

PrettyPeacock wrote:

Dubious wrote:

Revelate wrote:

Amex closed my statement later this month than ever before, so even with the very late DCU pull, my 2.968/3000 Amex from last month is still posted instead of the $16.82 this month.  Still flatlined at 648, c'est la vie Smiley Happy.


I read somewhere on this forum that util is rounded up, so in both those cases it's still 1%. Even if util is calculated so very precisely, the difference between those two are so minimal, I don't think you would really see a difference... 

I have a old $30,000CL Chase card that was never removed from my CR and therefore I can't use it as it was from an old company I worked for but it counts as part of my Credit limit and so I have a hard time hitting my 1% utilization rate and as it is rounded up you actually do need 1/5 of a percent to get it.  I know because I keep bouncing between less than 1/5% and right above 1/5% and once it hits 1/5% then it rounds up.  This is how it works on my reports.

Haha, that's unfortunate about your credit line, but good info! Good to know.

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Re: DCU FICO is up!

went from 654 last month to 724 this month!!!!!!!!! Never been in 700's before for EQ Fico. So happy about this! Thanks to the last collection gone and many new positive tradelines and the older ones showing perfect history. I am so proud of myself! My AAoA and inq's  are in hell though. But still very proud Smiley Happy

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