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DCU and they go together???

New Contributor

DCU and they go together???

was thinking of joining DCU, does anyone know if they are bk friendly for the CC and also for membership..


i am 3 years 4 months post bk7, clean history since then, eq FICO at 693...only 2 IIB accounts still show on report and the bk...all else clean, all on time, auto loan, student loans and credit cards all good....


was gonna app for membership first then go for CC and possible auto refi with 2nd pull, but if the cc is not bk friendly may pass on membership and look elsewhere. anyone have experience with them and bks? thanks!

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Re: DCU and they go together???

I was denied for membership with my month old bk7 at that time. When I got the denial letter, it says I was denied due to my credit report. 

There were no specifics of why I was denied, so I assumed it was the bk7.

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Discharged Ch7 Nov.16, 2012

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