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Re: DCU?

Unfortunately with DCU it doesn't matter if you are a member first or get approved for their credit/loan products first- they will HP you twice.  

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Re: DCU?

racer-x wrote:

I was instantly approved online for their VISA, then went through the membership process and I was pulled again.


It didn't work for me as far as apping lst then membership, and I'm not so sure that it ever did.


 When I opened my savings account, I had an instant approval for a 25K auto loan. I had to app for the credit card and got a 7500 limit(which is my highest)in a few days. They wanted copy's of DL and SSN card. I had to apply for a dup SSN card, and so the process took a few weeks. In the end it worked out. I like the fact that you can deposit an image of a check right into your account with the mobile app(Like BOA).(Yes it waa two hard pulls).


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