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DH has no Transunion score.....

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DH has no Transunion score.....

DH has several very good accounts and only 3 baddies reporting. None of the good ones are reporting to TU. When we applied for a mortgage, TU shows no score because file is "too thin". He has a visa with 3000 limit and 2700 bal.  We are paying down the bal to lower util.  He tried to get a BT card with BOA and was denied. We are trying to get our scores up for a USDA mortgage and need all the help we can get. So my questions are:


1)  Would trying to get a BT card and being denied help or hurt?

2) If it would help, should he go for a TU reporting one and if so, any suggestions on one?

3) How much does credit denial hurt his scores??

4) Any other ideas or suggestions on getting a TU score???


We are desperate to get out of this crappy rental and finally give our kids a home and I appreciate all of the help I can get!!



Thanks in advance!!


Scores:  EX 643  EQ  584 TU none

mine:     EX  636  EQ  584  TU  611

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