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I know its early, but I worked 12 hour shifts, 4 days a week, and I've probably been spending the other remaining hours pondering strategies for straightening out our CR.  We've had a Discover card that we owe about $600 on and have auto pay for $100 ea month.  The account was closed several years ago when we got into some CC debt problems.  Discover has been wonderful to work with.  They offer several programs to help you pay it off, reduce or eliminate fees, and no hassles.   Last year I lost my job and was off for 6 months and the program we were paying them on ended and we got behind a couple of months.  We got back on another program with them so we've been good again for 9 months. They did a pull on DH's credit earlier this year.


I've been thinking about a GW call to see if A:  would they not show those lates and B: would they would consider re-opening this card to help out credit scenario. 


We've been paying cash for everything while paid off all other debts but installment loans (they're about 5 months from being paid off too), so therefore, no CC debt and our scores are hurting because of it.


Anyone have any luck with them? 

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