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DISCOVER IT !!!!!!! ..pulled trigger and...........

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Re: discover it ..pulled trigger and...........


Welcome to Discover!  Congrats!


They do CLI's just a bit different for everyone I think.   From what I've read, they tell most people who ask about it when applying or activating (as in my case) to call back in 6 months or that they might get one in 6 months.  I got the "MORE" back in Dec of 2011.


I tried at around maybe 8th month, August I think (don't remember the timing details off hand), got a no, then after a manual review they called me a few weeks later (didn't have time to answer), left a message, I called back, they had reviewed my account and offered me part of the CLI I requested.  Went from 6.5k to 8.5k  (had asked for 10k lol).  Better than never or nothing.

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