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DONE with Cap One

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Re: DONE with Cap One

Do you use it enough? I have a platinum with them with a SL of 3500 and CLI to 6000 in just 5 mos. It was my first card for my rebuild so I use it a ton and they, as a result, make a ton off me in interest. I'm now doing a BT though. With your scores an 800 SL is super weird.

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Re: DONE with Cap One

@doredeb wrote:

So frustrated with Cap One.  My lowest FICO score is 791...and Cap One has again denied a CLI request on my Quicksilver (limit is currently $850).  WTH?  Never missed a payment on ANY of my credit cards. No baddies. I’m ready to take a temporary hit to my credit score and just cancel the card.  Just ridiculous.

1. Why would closing the card cause a hit to your credit scores?

2. If it would cause a hit, you could just sock drawer it rather than close it.

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Re: DONE with Cap One

@BrokenBones wrote:

Not a believer of being "bucketed." I got my platinum card with a SL of $300 when my score was still in the 500s. It is now at $7400. 

I agree with you. It took me 4 years to do it but I got my $300 card to $8250. 

The thing is that Capital One wants to be your primary to see that kind of growth and that’s what they were for me because I didn’t prequalify for anything better until March of last year. Needless to say my growth stopped on that card March of last year. 

Although they did give me a $10K SavorOne last month. I love Capital One. 🤷‍♂️ 

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Re: DONE with Cap One

DO IT. Sounds like a classic bucketed card. If your credit is looking good, you could get a huge SL from a Savor or Venture. 

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Re: DONE with Cap One

@Shooting-For-800 wrote:

Buckets are real but they bucket the card not the client.

Bucket the card and not the client? That's the first time I've ever heard anyone say that. What cards get bucketed? 

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Re: DONE with Cap One

I am really confused with buckets. I kinda echo what others are saying.


My Platinum/Quicksilver is my very first card, and it started with an SL of $750. It is now at $9250.

This card has seen a lot of utilization and has been my go-to card until I discovered this forum.

It did start as a Platinum (it still shows "PLATINUM MASTERCARD" on my account to this day).


I kinda like Cap1 as well. I even bank with them primarily (360 Checking/Savings), and I might be the only one who's looking forward to what they would do with the Walmart CC acquisition.

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Re: DONE with Cap One

@BrokenBones wrote:

@Shooting-For-800 wrote:

Buckets are real but they bucket the card not the client.

Bucket the card and not the client? That's the first time I've ever heard anyone say that. What cards get bucketed? 

Plat and QS1 is their bucket cards. But recently with Cap1. They like heavy spend and PIF for getting higher CLI's or any CLI's really. Been there done that and ended up with their top 3 @36k CL.

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Re: DONE with Cap One

There are lower-risk buckets as well as higher-risk ones. The discussion is focused on higher-risk ones because people in lower-risk buckets don't find it a problem so generally don't investigate the details or complain.

Cap1 likes to securitize its CC loans and sell them to investors. Keeping a lower-risk customer's old account in a higher-risk bucket makes the higher-risk tier of accounts not look so bad.
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Re: DONE with Cap One

I agree I thought I was in the bucket. Had a secured card(300SL) back in 2012. Got unsecured in 2016 when I decided to pay more the. The minimum. Got upgraded to a Quick Silver one in 2018(July).

In Jan(2019) got a huge CLI, I complained to them for months how I can’t buy even airline tickets with a 300 limit lol

One technique I did when I got quick silver was I ran about at least 3 grand a month through the card with 300 limit.

I did notice for a while they on the denied letters they were pulling data points that were 3 months old and I kept asking them to refresh the points

Btw in Jan they bumped me from 300 to 4850 LOL
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Re: DONE with Cap One

My experience is a Cap1 Platinum in the steps program (2001). Started at $250 to $500 to $750 and never increased to the day I closed it in 2009. As has been said, they bucket. In today's market place there are so many good banks and credit unions that will only pull a hard inquiry from one credit bureau and offer a decent credit line ... why take three bureau inquiry hits? Go find a better option and thank Cap1 for giving you a start. Life is too short ... Smiley Sad


Follow up, Cap1 has some good cards in Savor, Venture and Quick Silver which can lead to high CLs and benefits. Back when I was with Cap1 those cards were not around and I forgot to mention them. Fortunately, other posters covered the bases Smiley Happy

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