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Dcu SMH cli offer, with higher apr

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Dcu SMH cli offer, with higher apr

So back 18 months ago, dcu approved me for a re-fi on my Dodge charger. Saved a ton apr went from 25! To 2.74!
With that hp. I got a 3000 sl visa.
Since then I've had no pre approvals besides quick loans at 21%....
Today my eq mortgage jumped 15-20 points, and I'm pre approved for everything except for a personal loan.
I saw I could raise my Visa to 5k. But after careful reading noticed they wanted to increase my apr 3 points to 13.5... The whole reason I have this card is the low apr. So obviously I didn't accept it. I've never had a bank offer a cli paired with an apt increase..
Needless to say I passed as I will only use this for bt in January when they run 0 apr bonus. Anyone experience this? Possible in 3 months the offer will be there without raising apr? Thanks for any advice.
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