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Decided to close AEO Visa

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Decided to close AEO Visa

Reducing credit is all part of growing and strengthening our profiles, but it's not always easy. It can be fun depending upon your perspective!


This one was a little difficult as my AEO Visa started as a store card in late 2014 and quickly became a Visa just a few months later. I had very little spend on the card while it was a store card, so I was surprised when I received the Visa upgrade within my account online late one night.


When I closed it this morning, it had a credit limit of $15,000, so that stung a bit to lose that. It was also kind of like closing an old friend - he'd been around for a while and it was nice while he was here. Smiley Happy


Synchrony is a bit weird lately so I'm not sorry to lose a Synchrony card. I eventually want to get rid of all Synchrony cards as a goal. I do have a bit of history with this one and it was actually a very cool looking card.


I do have quite a few cards that have much better rewards, and it's part of my overall goal of streamlining my credit lines to a certain extent. Having the new Fairmont approval helped in being able to let this little guy go.


Moving forward with profile strengthening and streamlining! Have a great day, everyone!





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Re: Decided to close AEO Visa

Good for you for recognizing when the fat needs to be trimmed. I had a store card that wouldn't grow beyond $300, so I closed it after seveal years. 


Synchrony can be so random with their limits. They'll let me have $5K at Amazon, $4K at Chevron, and $10K at Lowes, but only $300 at American Eagle? 



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Re: Decided to close AEO Visa

Nice of you to let the little guy go with his head held high ( 15k Visa Smiley Wink ) ,Humu Smiley Happy. Glad to see you putting your credit house in order. Sometimes we gotta do it so that we dont leave snything neglected. Im sure someone will the tyke a new homeSmiley Happy

Very happy for you . As my profile gets better i will probably lighten my Sync load as well but as is needed. I think if i can score Navy in my future ill let my Wally go as i do have Sams so one step at a time i guess. As always, thanks for sharing and my best on your future credit goalsSmiley Happy
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Re: Decided to close AEO Visa

Congrats on being able to let the card go. I also have the AEO Visa and am thinking of letting it go since I was able to get the Prime...but I also shop at AE at this point. It's going to be a tough decision!

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Re: Decided to close AEO Visa

COngrats! It can be very difficult to close old cards Smiley Sad Onward and upward!

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Re: Decided to close AEO Visa

Thanks for the post.  I have been dragging my feet on closing one of my oldest accounts - but its stuck at $2100 and I dont used it often.  This helped me realize I really just need to let go.

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