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Declined Discover IT

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Re: Declined Discover IT

I'll see you in the garden. Discover will approve you after a 6 mo stint.
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Re: Declined Discover IT

Discover is a bunch of dirty tricks!
I got a $4k approval with about 10 inqs and 688 EQ fico in Good ole Texas, where things are bigger😝😳😌😉
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Re: Declined Discover IT

I had the same thing happen to me just the other day, applied yesterday got DECLINED, decided to call on the recon, dont now if it was the rep i got, but she wouldnt budge, and said that Discover doesnt do reconsiderations.


So i dont know if anything has changed with them, or if i should call back and see if i get another rep???





decided to call back and got someone in the Delaware office, extremely nice and pleasant guy, way different from the first experience.  We went over everything and there is one (1) baddie still on my account which is now paid, he said once that falls off to call back and then we will move forward with the recon.  I just got my chase slate card in the mail too and told that to him, he said that will defintely help with the decision as well.  So its all who you talk to!

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Current Score:Equifax 675 Transunion 674 Experian 692 (MyFico 12/05/2014)
Goal Score: 720+
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Entered Garden 11/2014 - staying minimum 6months
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