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Declined for AMEX Blue Cash Preferred


Declined for AMEX Blue Cash Preferred

Just thought you guys might want to know:


I just applied for an AMEX Blue Cash Preferred and was declined. They based it on a Transunion score of 682 being too low.


I have a Target VISA CC already with a $5900 CL. I currently have a $0 balance showing on the credit reports but normally use it every month with it showing a small (less than 10%) balance.

I have perfect payment history on all my accounts except for a car loan I stupidly co-signed on for a friend. A lot of stupid stuff happened with that loan including a serious lack of communication on their part until the loan was so far behind I couldn't catch it up before they repo'd. That baddie will be gone in another 1.5 years.

I have various other installment loans. Some i am still paying on with a high utilization. (Is that what you call it for installment?)


My Equifax score is 708 after the AMEX app. I haven't applied for much credit lately, maybe one or 2 showing on my reports.


I don't think I'm going to aplpy for another CC right away because nothing else seems worth it for the way I use it.

Open Credit Cards:   Target Visa/5900CL    |    AMEX BCP/6000CL
Latest Credit Scores:   780 TU (2011-08-01)
Credit Score History:   708 EQ (2011-07-01)    |    682 TU (2011-06-30)    |    693 EQ (2010-05-21)
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Re: Declined for AMEX Blue Cash Preferred

Ugh, sorry about that.  It's definitely a waiting game.  Sorry about the repo too - it can be tough cosigning for people.  Perhaps in 6 months or so they'll reconsider.  Your balances (what are they?) will be lower and your baddies will be aged even moreso.

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Re: Declined for AMEX Blue Cash Preferred

Aww... I'm sorry to hear abou the decline too. Have you tried a goodwill campaign for the repo?


I think that you'll be golden when that repo drops (possibly even before). Amex will be begging for your business then!


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