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Dell Preferred Account

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Dell Preferred Account

I applied for a new Dell Account after the application was done processing it took me to a Account Summary page

Dell Preferred Account Information

A brief summary of your Dell Preferred Account has been provided below. The information below will be used to pre-populate the Dell Preferred Account information during checkout. Available credit will be applied to your purchase.

Your account summary

Account Number: NEWxxxxxxxxx

Approval Amount: $0.00

Account Balance: $0.00

Available Credit: $0


what does this mean? A pending approval or denied Has anyone else received this ?

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Re: Dell Preferred Account

It's probably pending. It doesn't even have an account number yet.

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Re: Dell Preferred Account

That's what I was thinking, it was pending verifying ID, as a result of a FA on my Credit reports. I will have to call back Monday morning to get a answer. I was just wondering if anyone else has gotten that, and what their outcomes were.  I have also read different things about how they do their verification process so any info on that would be welcomed

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