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Delta Platinum CLI before time to request

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Delta Platinum CLI before time to request

I called AMEX today to check on my spend to date on my Delta Platinum card. I know there is a 10,000 MQM reward at $25,000 spend in a year and I thought I was close (I just spend nearly $2,000 yesterday so when it posts I will PIF). I got a cheery and helpful agent who pulled my spending and let me know I was a little over $6,500 away (not including yesterday's spend). Kind of a bummer as my payment totals showed me about  $4,800 away, it must be some of the charges do not apply (a trick I think to keep people from reaching the milestone). This was my first AMEX product and had a low limit of $2,000 so even if I max it, wait for the charge to post, PIF I would need to do this almost three times to hit the threshold. Hard to do by December 31 (end of year for all Delta cards) but still doable. 


I asked about prepaying so the amount would be available to me at one time. I explained to her I have some work projects that will cost me about $18,000 by end of year so I am spending this one way or another and might as well get the miles. She said she could do this to help or I could request a CLI to make it easier to do. I mentioned that I got the card in 6/12 and that I tried an online CLI at 61 days and was declined (also pointed out my heavy spend on this card and two other AMEX products). I told her that I did not think I could request another CLI until 6 months from the 61 day request. She actually chuckled and told me it was fine. I was asked what I thought I would need and I told her $5,000 would be great (based on PIF the current max line of $2,000 tomorrow). She verified income, address and last 4 of my SSN and congratulated me on the increase. New limit $7,000 but I was expecting $5,000 total. Fine by me. 


So you can get a CLI between your first 61 days and 6 months from the 61 days. Sometimes it pays to call and discuss your needs. I think I was approved as I have run a great amount thru AMEX in the past 6 months but who knows...


Just hoping to help educate members and give hope to those who follow. Best of luck!

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Re: Delta Platinum CLI before time to request

Finally, a rep got it right. It is 6 months from your last successful CLI, not from your last request. If denied, I have heard everywhere from 30 days to 90 days. Either way, congrats on your cli. Of course, now you WILL need to wait 6 months to ask for another one.

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Re: Delta Platinum CLI before time to request

Thanks, that's what I thought Cdnewmanpac.

I won't be asking for another CLI on this card. It's going to churn just before my one year (to avoid fees again) and be replaced with a Delta Reserve personal card, and they better give me a real limit on it or I will have one less AMEX product. With these cards it's all about the miles and MQM bonuses plus the accumulated miles on spends. TIme for AMEX to play catch up with Chase to the benefits of cardholders. 

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