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Denied with a FICO 749

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Re: Denied with a FICO 749

blacklotus wrote:

I apologize if I'm changing the thread too much.


My citi platinum select has a valid date of 06/09.  They started me at $3000 CL.  In Feb. I got an auto CLI (luv button soft pull) $1600.  That's my highest limit at $4600 and best card.  I'm still getting 0% APR on it.


I think the luv button was there before but I didn't know what it was there for until I surfed these forums. 

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I have the Citi Plat that started with a $4000 limit.  It was opened 7/09.  The luv button appeared after 3 month, but I got no increase.  Today, button still remains.  I use to get an immediate CLI denial.  They finally fixed the link, and I now get the form. I know not to submit a form which would result in a hard pull.  Maybe in 7/10, I'll get an increase.  I'm still within the promotional rate.  

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Re: Denied with a FICO 749

That's strange I guess different customers experience different things with CLI.  When I found out what the button was for I pressed it last month and when I went back to the citi homepage my CL was showing my increase.  It was that simple.  After that it dissapeared from the tools tab.  I check that tab frequently now but have'nt seen it again.


Getting back to AMEX- I apped for the Bluecash Rewards card if I remember correctly.  When I got the denial letter (snail-mail style) I felt aggravated.  I remember that I read over the reasons for denial and crumpled it up and threw it in the trash.  Apping for AMEX was too stressful for me to take and that is about the extent of my experience with them.  Reading some posts here about them I'm actually not that impressed.  But congrats I'm not knocking ur AMEX card.  I realize its a very prestigous thing to have. 

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