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Diamond Preferred Today!

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Re: Diamond Preferred Today!

skyisthelimit wrote:

Congrats on your card, if you don't mind me asking what is your FICO?  Also the card service is great if you go out of town often and want personal service.


Check the website, here is a part of it -


24/7 access to personalized concierge service providing

assistance in booking hotel, flights, concert tickets and much more


Special access for Citi card members to ticket presales, preferred seating, special VIP packages and unique entertainment experience through Citi Private Pass



I'm not sure what my FICO is.  I imagine it's hovering around 700 though.  Citi didn't give me my score presumably because they gave me the lowest rate (11.99%) following the intro 0% period.


tmbr10 wrote:

The 0% APR for 18 months. The BT options at 0%. And, the fact that this is a solid prime card that will grow with you and be there for you in a pinch are your advantages.


They are also making an attempt to add rewards. Still learning about that.


Whats your CL, BTW?


I only got approved for $500, but I had $5200 on my Dividend and $5000 on Forward.  The phone rep told me that between my two accounts I was at the max they could offer me based on my income (<$25k, student), but could move around funds from my other two accounts.  I took some off each and now have a $5500 CL on the diamond.  I rarely use the Dividend and I don't usually charge up more than $1k on the Forward monthly, plus I PIF so it doesn't really need a high limit. 



mxp114 wrote:

Is the card still that black card with the tiny symbols in the bg? And is it a MC? They seem to be issuing Visa's a lot now.


Yes, and omg it's so cool looking.

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