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Did I get approved?

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Did I get approved?

So my credit score is 631 and I figured that was still.low to.get a secured card so I went to the bank.of america web site and filled out the pre approval form figuring it would suggest the card for rebuilding credit. Well it suggested I apply for the card with low intrest. So I have it a shot and they said they couldn't decide now and they would send a letter. Well....we all know that usually means denial. But.could I still be.approved? Seeing as how that is the card they recommended I.apply for? Anyone familiar of america?
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Re: Did I get approved?

It means that they will have to do a manual review because your score was not high enough to get approved by the computer at bank of america

The credit score is low and i guess it will be tough to get approved

it also means for you to call to get a analyst to look at it


good luck and i hope you get approved

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Re: Did I get approved?

BoA is weird with their pre-approval site.  When you put in your info it has to say Mr./Mrs. X, You are PREAPPROVED for.......


if it doesn't give that message and just sends you to a page for a card, it's not a preapproval. 

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Re: Did I get approved?

@ Blurbz
i agree..if I login with my account credentials I do not get any offers but external my desired card is in pre-approvals. called and was told of course you will be strange..LOlL
will pc over in about two weeks Smiley Happy
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