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Did your CCC raise your APR up?

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Did your CCC raise your APR up?

I normally does not pay attention to APR on my statement, because I always PIF before due date/closing date anyway.  Curiously, I compared my CCs APR and found a surprise. 


Chase Starbucks Duetto VISA  ... from  ?  %  to 6.74% on Purchases.  WOW!  Smiley Very Happy

Citi Driver's Edge  ... from 14.24% (Mar 09')  to 10.24% on purchases.


But ... AMEX has been raised 2% each from 8.49% (Nov 08') to 10.24% on Purchases and from 19.49% (Nov 08') to 21.24% on CA.  So far I still have same CL of 8k.  I only using this card once a month with $1 purchase to just keep it open and active  ...  I was not using this card for a while and they stop reporting.  I began to using this card again in order to report.  It has been more than a year and half now, and still not reporting.  I wont complain at this moment because of today's economy situation. I hope they don't reduce my CL.


How does your CCCs/BANKs treating you on APR and CL?

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Re: Did your CCC raise your APR up?

nothing has changed with me so far....


No CL or APR changes...except, i noticed i'm only paying 8% on my CU card...i don't think that was always the case.

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Re: Did your CCC raise your APR up?

Target raised my APR a few points a couple months back but other than that I have seen no rate hikes yet. That don't mean that any day now it won't happen. Cross my fingers.
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Re: Did your CCC raise your APR up?

I think just about all my CCC's have raised my APRs, at this point, and the 'reason' given when I've asked has generally been the current economic climate.  Even US Bank has done it - the only one that surprised me a bit.

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Re: Did your CCC raise your APR up?

Seems people are reading your title and not the text where your Starbucks Duetto is now 6.74% and your Citi went from 14.24% to 10.24%.

Chase Starbucks Duetto:  8.49% 11/08, 7.99% 12/08, 7.24% 01/09 and not moved since.


BofA Worldpoints: 10.24% 11/08, 9.24% 12/08, 8.24% 01/09 and not moved.


CapOne: 7.74% 11/08, 6.74% 01/09, 5.99% 02/09 and not moved. I'm paying 0% on a BT.


BMW: 10.99% 11/08, 9.99% 12/09, 9.24% 02/09 and not moved. I'm paying 3.99% on a BT.


BofA Business Mastercard: 7.99% and not moved.


CapOne Business: 5.99% and not moved.


Discover: 13.99% and not moved. I'd never carry a balance at that. 



My Amex Optima: 9.00% 11/08 to 10.24% in December and not moved.

My Advanta was rate jacked from 7.99% to 20.39% and gradually dropped until last month was at 15.99%. When I didn't PIF and they pulled their "double cycle billing" nonsense I bitched and they dropped the interest to 10.xx%.


Other cards are consumer ripoff nonsense where they are absurd stuff like 20%+ so I don't look because I would never carry a balance. For Example, Home Depot is a ridiculous 25.99% so a person would have to be insane to carry a balance. They do offer 12 month no interest on major purchases, which makes it worthwhile.

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Re: Did your CCC raise your APR up?

My Sears store card nearly doubled at 29.99%. Good thing I don't carry a balance.
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Re: Did your CCC raise your APR up?

So far the only thing I have noticed is that Discover raised the BT offers from the usual 0% or 3.99% up to 9.99%!
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Re: Did your CCC raise your APR up?

BofA rate jacked the crap out of me last few weeks.  I have 2 cards with them that I don't use anymore and have never carried a balance always PIF when I did use it.  First one went from 9% --> 16% and the second changed into the worldpoints and went from 12% --> 26%or 29% can't remember exactly.  I just keep them open because they add around 16K of avail credit to my util ratios.  I only use my penfed cashback now and still always PIF every month.  There was no adverse action on my part and ficos are ~750 across the board last I checked a month ago and nothing changed.
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