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Difficulty level: Citi Premier vs. AA Plat

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Difficulty level: Citi Premier vs. AA Plat

I applied for Citi Premier two months ago and was rejected. Reconed twice without luck.


Recently they sent me pre-select letters for AA Plat every other week. I finally gave it a try and was approved of 3.5k CL.


Is Citi Premier more premium than AA Plat? My impression was that they were similiar $95 AF cards.

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Citi AA Plat: 1/2019, 3.5k
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Re: Difficulty level: Citi Premier vs. AA Plat

You have the in house cards and the cobranded cards. Normally, or at least IME the cobranded are easier to obtain.
The issuer has a contract to push the cobranded cards. So their goal is to get those cards in as many qualified customer hands as they can.

My personal AA Plat officially closed on Christmas per my request. I opened another AA business Plat today.
That should give you an idea of how important it is for Citi to keep American airlines as a client.

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