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Disco luv decline offer

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Re: Disco luv decline offer

Thank you all for you insight and experience.


This card started at just 1K 12/18 and I got a 500 increase at 3 months and now it offered another 500 after 2 months. 


This has me thinking that 500 may be what the continue to offer and if I take it it can grow but slowly, or I can wait a bit and see if they offer more. Decisions decisions 😆

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Re: Disco luv decline offer

@NRB525 wrote:

@Jnbmom wrote:

With all the disco luv recently and the moon and stars  that aligned for @AJC I am curious if anyone has experience with declining their offer and waiting for a better outcome?


They offered 500 to me and I declined and was hoping if I waited it might turn into more.


Just wondering if anyone else has done this and been successful and if so how long was the process?  Also holding out and maybe combining my cards to get a single better line and think that is possible with a CLI on the table? Just keeping that option open.



Where you are in Discover Credit Limit is relevant to the discussion.


Someone with $2,700 limit might be well advised to take the $500 increase.


The posters suggesting waiting 6 months after declining a $500 increase, I am not sure that makes sense. After 6 months of further use, Discover may offer the same $500 increase. I know the long list of my Discover CLI have been $500 each, 8 of them actually of $500 each. So if you decline one at $500, then get another of $500 at 6 months, if you took the first, you'd have +$1,000 by that point, not +$500. And I did decline a $500 CLI, twice, in mid-2016, before this run of 8x at $500 is what I got. So I've really got 10 offers of $500, which I accepted 8 of them. I would be $1,000 higher if I had just accepted all of them.


And if one has a $27k Discover CL, how much more CL is expected? $500 may be them just throwing you a bone to keep a smile on your face. $10,000 CLI seems out of the question at that level. Even a $2k CLI would be odd.


My Discover CL is $17,500 now.

IDK about this analogy because there is no guarantee, nor rhyme or reason with Disco, that if you hadn’t decline the $500 CLI at lets say month 3 that you would have even gotten another one at month 6. 


Here are my stats for Disco:

12/11/2016 $3.5K SL

3/24/ 2017 $1.5K CLI

6/24/2017 $1K CLI

9/22/2017 $1.5K CLI

11/25/2017 Declined

12/21/2017 Declined

3/27/2018 Declined

6/2/2018 3K CLI

8/18/2018 - I declined $700 CLI

9/28/2018 $3K CLI

12/8/2018 $2.2 CLI

4/23/2019 Declined

Disco CL - $15.7K

DEC 2019: EX 816, TU 820, EQ 810
DEC 2018: EX 777, TU 783, EQ 799

|| AmX Cash Magnet $40.5K || NFCU CashRewards $30K || Discover IT $24.7K || Macy's $20K || NFCU CLOC $15K || CitiCostco $12.7K || NFCU Platinum $12.5K || Apple Card $6.5K ||
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Re: Disco luv decline offer

Yes I think I am gonna just take it, because in another month or 2 or even 3 they might still offer me 500 .

Thanks again all just trying to figure out disco, but then it's disco nevermind 😋
EXP 758 TU 783 EQ 729
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