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Discover 2020 calendar

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Discover 2020 calendar

Does anyone know when it usually comes out?
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Re: Discover 2020 calendar

They came out on the 1st of November last year.  IIRC that was the first time they ever released the full calendar rather than the upcoming quarter.

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Re: Discover 2020 calendar

I dont care just so long as Miss Disco graces DecemberSmiley Wink
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Re: Discover 2020 calendar

Actually its on the website this morning
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Discover’s 5% 2020 Calendar Released

Just logged into my Discover app and realized they released the bonus categories. Already activated Q1 for groceries! Looks like they’ve repeated 2019 but added a few more businesses.

The original Q3 2019 was just for restaurants but they added PayPal later down the line so there is a chance they may make some revisions but this is what it looks like so far.

Here's the upcoming 5% Calendar

OCT-DEC 2019, Target and

JAN-MAR 2020
Grocery Stores, Walgreens and CVS

APR-JUN 2020
Gas Stations, Uber, Lyft and Wholesale Clubs

JUL-SEP 2020
Restaurants and PayPal

OCT-DEC 2020, and

Source: (
Late to the game but at least I'm getting started.

FICO 08 as of 2/7/20: EX – 712; EQ – 711; TU – 718 – still building
4/9/20: TU: 747 and EX: 730

New Cards:
Discover IT $12k (7/2019) CLI (4/2020): +2k
Uber VISA $7K (10/2019) --- whomp, whomp; SavorOne $10K (12/19) – P2
AMEX BCE $1K (10/2019) CLI (5/2020): +$2k (3x CLI yippee)

Biz Cards:
Chase Ink Business Cash (1/2020)

Back in the garden....

Goal cards:

1) Chase Ink Preferred (ads/shipping)
2) AMEX Blue Cash Preferred (hopefully I receive upgrade offer)
3) AMEX Blue Business Cash - Approved 6/1/20 (late game and after I’m done with Chase SUBs)
Maybe: US Bank Cash + VISA Signature Card (denied in 7/2019 with 2 inquiries) - maybe I'll try again for utilities and gym
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Re: Discover 2020 calendar

And to roll back the curtain . . . .




Meh, Disco is increasingly useless for me .

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Re: Discover 2020 calendar

I am sure I will be able to tap into paypal 5% on top of discount.


If you are in the cash back game, these are some nice categories.

ᑭ⍶ndeᲠi८ ѠαԼԼεէ : ᙪ൦ſΛ ८☕ Λlti-ၺ ✈☕թroթⅇl
⛪✈☕⸿ⵢᖇ ⍟Ԑժᑭ ⍟८ſ ┊Ҩⵢ ☏८ſⴑ ⛽ෲթƧ/βiz ⛽iէ | ८✙ ┊❡olδ┊ↇᏨ ☕▲B ⍟Ⲙilⅇⴑթ ⛪
⸨ꜷ ᐰmzn ᐰ√ ☏⸿i⸿┊⸿iⴑ ⚕ᙪᙪթ⍟wſ -√ ⚕ᙪᙪ८⸩ Ձ൦Ձ❶ ✢ᖇēẉαrժ✙

PⵢA: Wear a respirator (Π95, Кп95, ҞҒ94), period.
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Re: Discover 2020 calendar

Q1 is about all that is good for me.. Possibly Q3 paypal to an extent otherwise can be beat matched by a card I actually like Smiley Happy

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Re: Discover 2020 calendar

January thru September are good for me.

October - December aren’t. I’m just not a big online shopper for target Walmart and amazon.
Now make it something like Nordstrom, Sephora etc etc I’ll activate it.
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Chase SW rapid rewards signature visa $6900
Amex Green Card NPSL POT $11,000

Amex Hilton Honors $1000
Citi Rewards $3900
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Re: Discover 2020 calendar

Disappointing they removed physical Target stores and it’s only online. Other than that ok categories. Pretty much the usual, slightly different rotation. 🤷‍♂️
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