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Discover $3K CLI


Discover $3K CLI

Hi all,


I received a customer-initiated $3K CLI on Discover today, bringing me to a $16K CL.  I’ve benefited greatly from the experiences other folks were so kind to share, so I thought I’d give my own this time around. Smiley Happy


My last Discover CLI was about 7 months ago (also customer-initiated, soft inquiry, for $3K - original CL was $10K).  The CSR was friendly and knowledgeable, and was very clear to ask me for permission to make a hard inquiry (TU).  I requested a CLI of $5K (which would have resulted in an $18K CL).  When asked for the reason, I stated that I am about to make some furniture purchases, and wanted to give myself the option to take advantage of the 6 month 1.9% promotional APR I received a couple of months ago (this was also customer-initiated) while keeping my utilization to a reasonable-to-me level (I really hate having a large balance, reported or not).  This is my go-to card for everything other than gas and supermarkets - it’s my absolute favorite, nets me a ton of savings, and I want it to grow. Smiley Happy


I was transferred to a credit analyst, and we chatted for a bit (he was fantastic, friendly, and thorough - I LOVE Discover Reps!).  I was approved for a $3K increase (same amount as my previous CLI), and we had a very informative chat about why.  He noted that they would like to see more history with Discover (I’ve been with Discover for 14 months), to better anticipate how I would handle a larger line (my Discover CL at the time of the request was my highest, at $13K; my next highest CL is $11.5K, then $10K).  I personally don’t see a big difference between $16K and $18K (maybe it was a nice way to spin keeping the CLI to the same amount as my prior one, who knows?), but I’m definitely happy with the $3K!


We discussed my credit report and Discover history at length (I don’t know what my TU FICO score is, but my EQ FICO is 805) – he definitely paid attention to payment history (perfect), seemed happy to see that I use the card heavily, and positively remarked on the fact that I pay Discover multiple times a month.  He seemed genuinely happy to hear that I really take advantage of the multiple ways to save with Discover.  Discover’s quarterly rotating category savings might be on the small side typically, but I save a lot through their online shopping portal, and I especially save a lot with their partner gift cards.  Plus, you can always call in to see if you’re eligible for any additional promotions (I called last week, and received a $20 cash back promo - $1 cash back for the next 20 purchases made with Discover).  Awesome!


I hope this info serves as useful to folks – Discover definitely wants to see some decent history if you’re aiming for higher CLs, likes to see a lot of usage, takes note of the other CLs you have, and views multiple monthly payments positively.


Best of luck!


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Re: Discover $3K CLI





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Re: Discover $3K CLI



I receive my low limit Discover on Monday.

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Re: Discover $3K CLI


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