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Discover 5% Oct-Dec / Be Careful

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Re: Discover 5% Oct-Dec / Be Careful

I spoke to a rep about this very thing last month because I had questions about what constituted online shopping. I was told any and all online shopping would receive 5%. The rep asked her supervisor and that is where the info came from. Also, when you shop through ShopDiscover, you still get whatever CB the merchant is offering in addition to the 5% from Discover. So if you shop at and they are offering 20% CB, you'll still get that and an additional 5% from Discover.



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Re: Discover 5% Oct-Dec / Be Careful

Oh yeah. I love ShoDiscover.  If you combine this with a giftcard bonus(from shopdiscover) you get the cashback on the pre gift card price.  YMMV


I redeemed my cashback for a $50 Sears gift card for $40.  Then bought something through shopdiscover at sears for $55 at 10% cashback and used the giftcard.  I got 5.50 cash back bonus on that deal. YMMV  Does that make sense?  I'm sensing some great deals incoming if you can get an additional 5% on top of all that.  lol



If this does work, and I think it will because it worked last year, (giftcard thing + cashback bonus of full amount) I would save this card till black friday-xmas to maximize the savings.

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Re: Discover 5% Oct-Dec / Be Careful

Sounds like Discover will be the card to use for online shopping starting in Oct until the end of the year. Too bad there's the $1,500 spend cap, so max $75 cashback.
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Re: Discover 5% Oct-Dec / Be Careful

Dont forget, if you use ShopDiscover you get more than that. ShopDiscover is unlimited.


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Re: Discover 5% Oct-Dec / Be Careful

If it's true that you get 5% cashback for any and all online shopping, then it will be the go to card for the rest of the year, especially with the holidays coming up.

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Re: Discover 5% Oct-Dec / Be Careful

Its up to discovers discression to what qualifies but my guess is any transaction that says

POS Mode Description ONLINE


And don't forget that its online shopping 


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