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Discover $500 Extra Cashback Bonus offer?

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Discover $500 Extra Cashback Bonus offer?

Received an email about this offer for my discover more.


Just use Discover for $3,000 each calendar month from January 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013—and pick up an extra $500 Cashback Bonus!**

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Re: Discover $500 Extra Cashback Bonus offer?

Is that an offer for new card memebers? 

Definetly can be worth it if you spend that much a month anyway. 

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Re: Discover $500 Extra Cashback Bonus offer?

Likely it's a targeted offer.  If you normally spend that much money each month anyway, I say go for it!


I've received some offers for my Discover More recently, but nothing quite as nice as yours.  Mine are more like a 25% discount at Banana Republic or a $50 credit for buying $300 worth of gas at Chevron over the next 3 months.  Stuff like that.

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Re: Discover $500 Extra Cashback Bonus offer?

this was posted on here a few weeks ago. 

but could you really dedicate 3000 in spending a  month just too discover for that many months straight. (if you miss one its void) 

i know i cant. 


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Re: Discover $500 Extra Cashback Bonus offer?

Pretty sure that it is a targeted offer as I have seen a few other members post about having been offered something similar.


The offer itself is pretty enticing -$500 cash back on 18k  of spending works out to a 2.77% return. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that 2.77% would be on top of the cashback earned from the 1% and 5% rotating categories (which would push the total % cash back to something closer to 4%).


The only drawbacks ( aside from the fact that 3k is a fairly large amount for most people to run through one card fir six consecutive months) I can think of are the. 25 on the first 3k and the $1500 caps on the bonus categories each quarter, but the 2.77% more than makes up for those limitations.



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Re: Discover $500 Extra Cashback Bonus offer?

18k to spend wowwww......its a lot of money to spend to get $500 cash back

Take me 2 3 years to spend that much lol wish they have that offer for 2 3 years period.

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Re: Discover $500 Extra Cashback Bonus offer?

I have this offer last October 2012 and mine was to spend $3000 from November to March. At least it's only 5 months, instead of 6. But yes, it's is really tough to spend that much especially if your expenses are way below that. Also, there are a lot of establishments that don't accept Discover, so you still have to use other cards for other spendings.
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