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Discover Authorized User

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Discover Authorized User

My grandfather added me to his discover card account. It was opened in 1993, 8000 limit and under 1000 balance. Never been late. I know that there is now concrete answer to how much my score will rise, but is it safe to assume i will get a large boost when the account hits? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Discover Authorized User

give more details on your profile for us to speculate better

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Re: Discover Authorized User

Sure.....Scores are as follows, all lender pulled: EX - 662 EQ- 619 TU - 591. I currently have one credit card (Cap1) 500 limit with 12.00 balance. An auto loan, paid as agreed. I have one negative mark, an auto repo/charge off that is 2 years old (13,000).

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Re: Discover Authorized User

Will the lender or other credit card company see you as an authorized when you apps for another product ?????

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