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Discover CLD / CLI

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Discover CLD / CLI

Does any of you have experience with Discover if they do CLD what are chances of getting the limit restored?

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Re: Discover CLD / CLI

Don't have experience with a CLD from Discover but they have denied CLI requests like it was a hobby, lol (finally did get a CLI when I consented to a hard pull though)


They've been known to adjust a card holder's credit line downward sometimes, like all major issuers, however, don't hear too many reports about this form of AA from them.

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Re: Discover CLD / CLI

Yeah they do!!! They slashed my CL by $3500 out of $7000 CL....

Their reason was that i had 5 new credit inquiries... That was from when i went car shopping early this year and they should really count them as one but they didnt care, i also had about $2900/$7000 of balance posted for about 2 months i think... Now my Discover More card is not gonna be used for a loooonnnnnnggggggg time, just charging a cup of coffee every 3 months of so...

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