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Discover CLI

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Discover CLI

I opened my Discover More back on 4/11/12 with a CL of $3500. I got a CLI after my 2nd statement from $3500 to $4000. Yesterday my 5th statement cut and this morning I noticed my total CL is now $4250. It's nice of them but a CLI $250 is not a big deal. I'm was really shooting to break the $5000 barrier this month because I wanted to apply for the CSP  and BCE this month.I'll take it non the less though!


I run around $3000/month through it and almost always pay it down below $150(could never get the payment timed right). This month I was able to pay it to $0 for the statement cut.

AMEX: $25,000, CSR: $10,000, Chase Priority Club: $1,500, Freedom: $5000, Freedom Unlimited: $1000, Discover: $21,000, BoA $11,000, WF Cash Wise: $5000

EQ FICO - 753
TU FICO - 755
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Re: Discover CLI

Still an automated CLI ist a CLI. Hope I get on also after my 2nd statement.



FICO (TU/EX/EQ): 773/766/778 - Total CL 255+K
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Re: Discover CLI


I'm still disappointed they won't give me a CLI and I run half of its limit every month and PIF!

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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